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In a nutshell

What is it? MY DATA - short & sweet

Security everywhere

Only look, but not touch.
Change yes, but only locally.
Only my boss, but not the peers.

YOU decide

Who is allowed to do what with my data?



Full control

Where are my data?
How many copies are there of my files?
Which versions of a file do exist?

YOU determine

Keeping everything in view and under control.



Ease of use

I want more - instantly.
Redundancy - but not in Europe.
Restore from your Mac - no problem.

YOU expand

Free scalability. Your limits.


The Situation

Do I really have everything under control?
Today people work with multiple devices rather than just the classic desktop PC. Laptop, tablet and smartphone are part of every day's life. All devices are used both professionally and personally, and on them we may store some very sensitive data. Much of the growing data set is pretty insecure on local and external hard drives. Third parties can gain access to those and change data, delete, and duplicate them. The synchronization of data between devices rarely works smoothly: multiple versions of the same file may pile up and you are unable to assign them to the original any longer.

It is difficult to keep track of their own data, sometimes it is not clear who has which access rights. A clear localization of data resources including an adequate rights management (DRM) is not supported by today's systems neither.

Cloud services promise to improve this situation by making the once uploaded data centralized and accessible from everywhere. However, this method has a catch:

verteilte systemeIn order to make data available in the cloud, it first has to be uploaded there. At this point you lose self-control of your data to the service provider.

The service provider has to protect these data for access by third parties and by himself - you neither can check how he may do it nor whether it will fully meet its obligations. Do you really want to entrust such an approach for your private financial data, control data, or design data of prototypes?


The Solution

I control my own data!
The content of myData ™ under myControl ™ is about to provide a secure enterprise-information-access-solution for this particular cloud. The Cquadrat GmbH has developed such a system that is flexible enough to adapt to each customer's needs, and with which their data can be safely administered and managed. The user should retain control of his data. Nevertheless, one should be able to access from anywhere, even from outside their own private network on the own data.

myData ™ under myControl ™ is installed on all own devices. Individual instances shall communicate with each other via computer and network boundaries, so that it will be possible via a virtual file Explorer to gain access to all decentral files.

vision overview

Over time, the system will get to know all the data on the partitions and will store meta-information about it. This meta-information, such as locations, size, duplicate properties, and so on, are made available to the user via the virtual File Explorer.

The Virtual File Explorer contains the same functionality as known file explorer, but also offers a lot more functionality: you can delete duplicates, replace it with a reference or only put one copy of the original file to a backup location.

With other users who also use myData™ under myControl™, any files will be split, but also may be recalled the access to their own files. All data is stored encrypted exclusively by myData ™ under myControl ™.

The Details

Here we give you a little look into our cards.

The Makers

Get to know us! The Team. The Company. The Ideas.
All in the Cquadrat team did not begin to develop a new File Sync & Share system only,
but also to give back the Internet users their self-determination over their data!
Leadership - Team
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    Christiane Edler

    Founder and CEO

    Christiane founded with her husband Andreas the Cquadrat GmbH in 2006, of which she is the Managing Director today. Christiane has worked in previous years in IT companies, such as SIEMENS in the strategy and project management. She has a degree in computer science, business development and economic psychology. Her vision is a self-determined Internet communication.


    Andreas Edler

    Founder and COO

    Andreas is co-founder of several Internet companies. His main focus is on the operation of data centers. He also worked for many years as European Director for HOSTWAY, a large international IT-Hoster. He has a degree in economics computer science, and his focus is on Internet security.

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